There is nothing to celebrate about the Ceta trade deal

There is nothing to celebrate about the Ceta trade deal

Sunday Oct 30th will go down as a dark day for what remains of democracy in Europe. It was when CETA (the Canada/EU so called trade deal) was signed.

The media have said that it has been seven years in the making, and yet they only bothered to report on it in the last week or so when Belgium tried to block it at the last moment. Rather than applauding their heroic stance, and ask why, they were portrayed as trying to block this supposedly wonderful deal.

The reason why the region of Walloon, and millions of others across Europe oppose CETA is because it threaten our working conditions, food standards, environmental protections, our public services, and allow foreign corporations to sue the British governmet. In short, corporations (or those who own them) will have almost total control over our lives.

In light of these very serious concerns, you need to ask yourselves why the British public were not informed about these by our government, and our media.

Colin Crilly, in Independent” 31st October 2016